Барбо о пандемии 2020

Якобы никто не предсказывал глобальную пандемию и коллапс на 2020-2021 год. Ниже отрывок из статьи от 20 марта 2012...

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Статья Андрэ Барбо от 2011 (!) года о нынешней пандемии 2020 года (а также о геофизических катастрофах, весьма вероятных...

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Кто заменил СССР

Смотря сериал «The Family» по Netflix и осознавая чисто ураническую суть Америки как (не такой уж и крипто-) теократии, предположил, что с одной стороны существует дикий контраст с Ираном, с другой — схожесть. Ненависть к Ирану, предположил, связана с тем, что Иран воплощает противоположный полюс — нептунианский. Нептун-Сатурн.

Астрологическое исследование подвтердило эту гипотезу!

1. Карта прибытия Хомейни в Иран 1 февраля 1979:

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But the best has still to come: between 2025 and 2042, not only all the waves will be ascending simultaneously, but also there we arrive in the second part of the prolonged sextile between PL and NE, accompanied by waxing sextiles and trines to UR (Doolaard 1997). These three ingredients of peace, cultural fertility and enlightenment will be active simultaneously. That never happened before (since 600 BC). If I could quantify peace, I would have written Waves of Peace instead.


Важность составляющих циклического индекса Барбо!

Leaving the collective domain of the mystery planets to look more closely into the JU- and SA-wave, we zoom in on the period 2014-2026. The JU-wave is the same as the ‘Cyclic Indication (C.I.) of de Outer Planets’ by Gouchon/Barbault. A description and history of this can be found in my article ‘Waves of Wars 1500-2000‘. There it becomes clear why I introduced the ‘sub-waves’, that is, the SA-, UR- and NE-waves. These appear to be equally as important as the Jupiter wave, yes, even fundamentally so. After all, as all the sub-waves are in the descendent phase, the ‘End of the World’ has arrived! In Barbault’s Cyclic Indication the lower waves are not visible but solely show the depth of descent. The deeper the C.I. descends, the worse society suffers, one would assume. But it is not so simple. The C.I. of Barbault (and my Jupiter Wave) are lower in 1983 and 2022 than during both World Wars.
(WO I: 768∘, WO II: 583∘, 1983: 315∘ and 2022: 480∘degrees). Even so the period 1975-1983 did not lead to another world war and that is not to be expected in the period 2014-2022. The number of waves that are simultaneously in the descendant provides a more meaningful indication for the seriousness of wars which break out, than the depth of the C.I. at that moment (see Waves of Wars 1500-2000).

О прерывании исторического процесса

The incoming square of UR to the NE-PL conjunction around 410 A.D. occurred simultaneously with the destruction of Rome – the end of classical antiquity. The next NE-0-PL, around 905 A.D., was aspected harmoniously, trine to Uranus, simultaneous to the transition from the Dark Ages to the Middle Ages, i.e., to continuity.

With the conjunction of 1398, in opposition to Uranus, came a reorientation towards classical antiquity and a distancing from the Middle Ages. From this it can be concluded that tense aspects between UR and NE-PL conjunctions occur simultaneously with discontinuity in the historic process.